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Face Recognition

Datmo Model

Computer vision model for facial recognition. This repository comprises main tasks required to be done using facial recognition. For training run, datmo task run "python"

1. Face Detection (detection)

  • To find bounding box for faces.
  • To find number of people in any image.
  • Usage: Application can range like Facebook using this to find count of people and detect face to let users tag it.

2. Facial Landmark Detection (landmark_detection)

  • To find the face feature locations (eyes, nose, etc) for each face in the image
  • Usage: Application can lie to apply makeup application or is the founding basis to overlay structure as Snapchat does for lenses

3. Facial Verification (verification)

  • Given an image of face, we can compare if any new image contains the same person.
  • Usage: Widely used application eg. Uber uses to check if driver is the same person as registered on app

4. Facial Recognition (recognition/training)

  • In a given number of classes does any new image of a face lie in one of the classes.
  • Usage: Application lie to identify any celebrety and also used by Facebook to identify friends in moments or by Google in their Photos app.

Built using dlib and face_recognition

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